We are in partnership with KYTE CAPITAL & CREDIT LIMITED that will pay 100% for any solar/inverter solution that you want. You can buy Central Stabilizer, UPS, Inverter Battery, and any Renewable products. It’s like a home appliance finance or buying of any items on credit that you pay back in three, six, nine, or twelve months or more depends on your pulse and ability to pay back. The process is fast, easy, No collateral, with a very small (2%) interest. We have helped many of our clients solve power failure problems with this arrangement and we can help you too.

It’s the actual price of the solution that you get from us but if you opt for the pay later option, interest will be added to it which depends on the numbers of months you plan to pay back the money

 So if you are satisfied with this price, kindly send the full name, phone, and email address of the buyer to prepare a proforma invoice and forward it to the company who will now contact you for the payment plan that suits you.


Here is the requirements:

  1. Duly filled signed PEF Agreement Form. & Terms and Conditions
  2. One [1] Guarantor.
  3. Guarantor’s I.D card.
  4. Applicant’s regulatory ID card (Any of; Work I.D Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID Card, Permanent Voters Card).
  1. Applicant’s Postdated Cheque / Standing Order.
  2. Latest Six [6] months Bank Statement.
  3. Request Letter
  4. Also there is a 30% initial deposit while the 70% is spread for repayment. Only the 70% carries the interest.

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