Commercial Solar Solution

Power Solution Mall has been in the business of providing solar system in Nigeria long enough and knows it well enough to suggest / provide a good solution for varying needs to commercial ventures such as organizations, hospitals, companies, educational institutions, offices etc.

Power Solution Mall can provide the following solutions:

Commercial Solar Solution in Nigeria


Amongst the prevailing / existing sources of energy is electricity in the national grid which has dwindled over the years, is very low in supply and proving very expensive to produce. Alternative and cheap green energy solutions are the crying need of the hour.  As responsible business owners, we can contribute and help protect the fragile environment now, and for generations to come, by producing your own clean energy via solar panels. This will also lower our dependence on / usage of fossil fuels thus reducing the pollutants byproduct that causes global warming.

Due to ruthless use the current energy sources are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive because they are getting depleted. But nature has provided is an unlimited, renewable source of energy in the shape of solar energy. By utilizing solar energy, you can contribute positively to the environment and also save a lot of money on your electricity bills and the money thus saved will help offset the cost of solar equipment.

Power Solution Mall has full expertise and capabilities to set up solar power systems, big or small, for homes, offices, businesses etc. Since our solar solutions can reduce your costs that will increase your profits and save the environment. Another factor worth considering is the worth /value of the commercial building you own. Having a solar energy system installed and running will increase the value of your building.

Power Solution Mall uses the best solar equipment in the world and we assess a site minutely before we recommend the optimum solution for the needs. Our rates are also most competitive and reasonable. We also provide excellent after-sales support and service.

Comprehensive solar energy solutions direct from the manufacturer

Power Solution Mall is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. Our solutions will not only meet the expectations of our customers but also exceed them. Power Solution Mall has a proven track record of successful installation / implementation of solar energy projects with happy and satisfied customers.

From small-scale solar projects that power a single building to large-scale solutions that deliver energy to a community, we have the experience and background to develop durable, proven solutions that operate dependably – even in harsh and demanding environments.

Invest in your organization’s well-being and future – become a part of the movement for renewable energy that is transforming the world. Power Solution Mall can help businesses and communities to power themselves with sustainable clean energy from the sun.

Power Solution Mall will Power your project

The Power Solution Mall team comprises of highly skilled professionals dedicated to solar energy. We at Power Solution Mall are committed to deliver effective and efficient solar power solutions to a broad spectrum of organizations like government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations (NGOs), municipalities and utilities. We at Power Solution Mall provide expert guidance towards the optimum solution for each of your specific solar needs.

Power Solution Mall can install solar energy systems at educational institutions, armed forces and defense installations, housing estates, hospitals and clinics, places of worship, manufacturing plants, government facilities and public infrastructure.

How solar energy can benefit your business

Solar energy reduces your operating costs and offsets high rates of energy

The business advantages of solar energy

Solar energy is green energy and it decreases your organization’s carbon footprint

Government of Nigeria encourages alternative energy solar system in Nigeria by providing tax relief. Hence by utilizing solar energy you can reduce your tax bills.


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