Inverter Battery Estimated Backup Time Calculator

Power Solution Mall’s interactive and simplified Inverter Battery Estimated Backup Time Calculator is intended to help you know how much power supply times, in terms of batteries and inverter load capacity, is required to run certain gadgets in your home or business.

Our Calculator swiftly does the calculations in the background and generates an estimated total run-time based on your chosen battery bank and load size as you add more devices to power with your desired battery system. Once you have entered this data correctly, the calculator gives you the Estimated Backup Time.

Our calculator uses a straightforward method to get the approximate total run-time. Every battery has an amp-hours label, or Ah, inscribed on it that is preset. If the battery system uses 12 volts, all you need to do is enter the numbers of Ah by 12V.


  1. Enter the total load. Use Our Load Calculator to Get this.
  2. Choose the Battery Capacity in (AH)
  3. Choose Number of Batteries Used
  4. Decide whether to use 12V or 24V batteries, and enter the value.

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