Where to buy Inverters in Nigeria?

Are you looking to buy an inverter in Lagos? Power Solution Mall has you covered. We sell different brands and specifications of inverters and deliver to anywhere in Lagos.

What is the pure sine wave inverter price in Nigeria?

Pure sine wave inverters are highly preferred types of inverters that are used commonly. The counterpart of the Pure sine wave inverter is the modified sine wave inverter. If you want to buy any brand of the Pure sine wave inverter in Nigeria, you can buy from us at Power Solution Mall. The general cost of the Pure sine wave inverter varies widely depending on its capacity of it. It can cost as low as ₦40,000 and also as high as ₦300,000. The Pure sine wave inverter has several advantages among which is its smooth supply of oscillation which is highly useful when powering sensitive devices.

What is the inverter battery price in Lagos?

If you want to buy an inverter battery in Lagos, Power Solution Mall has you covered. Inverter battery prices greatly vary. For example, a 3.5 KVa inverter battery system costs almost ₦700,000. While a 100ah, 12V inverter battery costs almost ₦65,000 currently.

What are the general inverter prices in Nigeria?

Like we mentioned earlier, inverters in Nigeria and indeed all over the world are made with different specifications. Some have more carrying capacity than others and so, therefore, will cost more. But the general range of inverter prices in Nigeria is between ₦20,000 to over ₦400,000 depending on the KVa and Volts capacity.

What is the 1kva inverter price in Nigeria?

Typically, a 1KVa inverter in Nigeria is priced at ₦50,000 approximately at the present time.

What are the types of inverters in Nigeria?

There are different types of inverters that you will find in Nigeria. Inverters are generally not made in Nigeria and that means the same types of inverters present in developed countries are usually imported into Nigeria as well. The main types of inverters internationally are Sine wave, Modified Sine Wave, and Square Wave.

What are luminous inverter prices?

Luminous inverters come at different prices depending on specification. The 12v 150Ah luminous inverter costs ₦90,000. While the 12v 200Ah luminous inverter costs ₦120,000.

What are the best inverters in Nigeria?

The best inverter brands in Nigeria are the ones that have won everyone’s hearts and hence become popular. Some popular inverter brands include Luminous, SMA Solar Technology, Prag, Felicity, Microtek, and Sukam.

What is the 1000w inverter price in Nigeria? It usually costs between₦10,000 to ₦60,000 depending on brand and Volt specifications.

What is 2kva inverter price in Nigeria?

It usually costs between ₦40,000 to ₦70,000.

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