Stabilizers in Nigeria? Buy from Power Solution Mall
We also sell power and electricity stabilizers at very affordable prices to Nigerians. Regardless of where you live in Nigeria, we will deliver your stabilizer to you. Power Solution Mall is one of the best sources of quality stabilizers in Nigeria. We also sell some of the most innovative stabilizers in the market with highlighted special features like a time-defer framework, protection from voltage fluctuations, turn-on delay, programmed restart, and more. No need to worry about where to buy quality stabilizers in Nigeria, Power Solution Mall is here for all your power generation and regulation needs.
Where to buy Stabilizers online in Nigeria?
Look no further than Power Solution Mall. We have different brands of stabilizers that cater to different needs. Whether you need stabilizer(s) to cater for the protection of your various types of equipment like treadmills, freezers, television, air conditioners, speaker systems, music systems, washing machine, oven, etc. Our stabilizers come in different capacities to cater for different types of equipment. The essence of stabilizers is to protect appliances from sudden power surges that can happen due to different reasons. Stabilizers will protect your appliances from damage during periods of voltage and power spikes. It also steps down the HIGH voltage and steps up the LOW voltage. The sudden power spikes can seriously wreak havoc on the appliances in a home or office. But with stabilizers, you can rest assured that your appliances are in safe hands.
Servo Stabilizers in Nigeria?
At Power Solution Mall, we have the popular Servo brand of stabilizer for you. Servo stabilizers are a special kind with an inbuilt transformer that can withstand heavy voltage fluctuation. The amazing thing about Servo stabilizers is that, due to the highly innovative design of which it is built, there is little to no deferring when voltage adjustments happen. This type of stabilizer can also be used in three grand stages of stabilizer application which makes it indeed powerful. Yes, you can get your Servo stabilizers from Power Solution Mall anywhere in Nigeria.
Where to buy Central and Industrial stabilizers in Nigeria?

Do you need stabilizers that you can use to regulate voltage and power spikes in your home or at work? Power Solution Mall has you covered. We sell different types of stabilizers to fit different needs. Whether you need stabilizers to regulate on a small scale or a large scale, Power Solution Mall has you covered. No need to look too far for where to buy central and industrial stabilizers in Nigeria when you can buy from us.


How much is a stabilizer in Nigeria?

 There is no fixed price of stabilizers in Nigeria because each stabilizer costs differently depending on the power specifications. For example, you can get a stabilizer for as low as ₦10,000 and as much as ₦200,000 depending on how much work the stabilizer will be doing as well as durability.

What about Century Stabilizer 5000va price in Nigeria?


Century stabilizer prices in Nigeria vary as well. For example, the Century Stabilizer of 5000va capacity is usually priced between ₦50,000 to ₦52,000. Other brands of the 5000va stabilizer capacity might cost more or less depending.

What is the best stabilizer in Nigeria?

The question of the best stabilizer in Nigeria is entirely subjective. To some people, the Century brand of stabilizers is the best. While to others, they prefer Haier stabilizers. And others swear that QASA’s brand of stabilizers is the best. Buying stabilizers made by the major brand is bound to get you a quality stabilizer because these brands are popular because their product credibility has been tested and trusted over the years. Rest assured that, whichever brand of Stabilizer that your family or friends recommend, we sell them all at Power Solution Mall.


What is 2000W stabilizer Price in Nigeria?


The price of the 2000W brand of stabilizer varies greatly from brand to brand. For example, Century brand’s 2000W stabilizer costs ₦25,000 approximately. While QASA’s brand of stabilizers costs ₦21,000.

What is Thermocool’s stabilizer price in Nigeria?

Thermocool stabilizers are another quality brand of stabilizers that you can buy from Power Solution Mall. There is no exact one price for Thermocool stabilizers as they come in different capacities. For example, the Digital stabilizers from Thermocool cost differently from the normal stabilizers. The 1500VA stabilizer from Thermocool costs ₦23,000 approximately in Nigeria. You can also find Thermocool stabilizers that cost as high as ₦60,000.




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