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8000mah Solar Power Kit With Multimedia-audio System

  • integrated of SD Card, USB, Speaker, Bluetooth, radio, lamp
  • Equipped with 2pcs 3W LED energy-saving bulbs
  • 8000 mAh Power Bank with Multimedia-audio system
  • Attached with USB output charge function


8000 mAh Power Bank with Multimedia-audio system – KM-915 The Kamisafe multi-function AC/Solar power charge system is equipped with rechargeable lead-acid 8000mAh battery, multimedia function with built-in SD/USB, radio and 2pcs 3W LED energy-saving bulbs. It’s a built-in circuit with charging status indicator displays 4 level of power indicator (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), which is intuitive and practical. Equipped with super bright LED lighting, with independent LED switch to control strong and weak light; The light source adopts green environmental and super bright white SMD LED, life span can be 100,000h; Low power consumption; the strongest light of 20pcs SMD only consume 3W and can work over 20h, the weak light only consume 1W and can work over 60h. The Kamisafe KM-915 quality ensures quick charge, reliable, safe and green environmental protection. *Built-in lead-acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance, with high capacity to 8000mAH; it can be used circularly 500 times above; *Built-in circuit with charging status indicator, level 4 power indicator (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) function, which is intuitive and practical; *Equipped with power supply charger, it has high reliability, high efficiency, fast charging, overcharge protection, trickle charging and status indication function; *Equipped with 2pcs 3W LED energy-saving bulbs, the light source adopt green environmental and super bright white SMD LED, life span can be 100,000h; Low power consumption, the two bulbs can work 7h at the same time;

*The product is integrated of SD Card, USB, Speaker, Bluetooth, radio, lamp and mobile power together, which improve product utility; *Attached with USB output charge function, the lamp can meet all kinds of digital products to charge and discharge, like different brands of cellphones(Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Moto,LG,Sony Ericsson), or Ipad, MP3,PDA,MP4,MP5 and game console. Basic Specification: *Charging Time: 8h *Using Time: 20h *Recharge modes: AC power socket/solar panel/charger *LED Output Power: 3W *LED quantity: 20pcs SMD LED *Charge modes: AC charge/Solar/adaptor *Charge time: AC10H/DC10H APPLICATION: 1)It is fit for office workers, put beside desk and computer, you can enjoy beautiful music after work. Besides, the product can be taken as an emergency lamp for suddenly power off and also can charge for digital products; 2)It is fit for elders to play music and lighten when go outside for morning exercise, dance or walking; 3)It is fit for students or common workers to listen to music and study when put it on dormitory desk and bed. It also can offer you convenient light after turn off the lamp in the dormitory; 4)It is fit for the street vendor in the night market, can lighten and also can replace your microphone to play music

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