You can Buy Any Products On This Shop Now & PAY LATER. Chat Us Now for More details!!!
You can Buy Any Products On This Shop Now & PAY LATER. Chat Us Now for More details!!!
The main objective design of our off-grid energy system is to meet the desired electric load of the commercial & residential loads with high renewable fraction, low emissions and low cost of energy. The goal is to manage the energy consumption of the building, reduce the associated cost and to switch from grid-tied fossil fuel power system to an off-grid renewable and cleaner power system. Solar setup is a boon for both low electrified rural areas & also for a high consumer base in the urban cities.
Solar Batteries12V/200AH x 4 pcs
Inverter5kva X 1 pcs
Mounting StructureFor 1KW System
DC Junction Box1 pcs
Wires & CablesStandard Pack
Protection DevicesAs Required
Lighting Protection1 pcs

Genus 3.5KVA Inverter + 4 X 12V 200AH Battery grid-tie Complete Installation, Features Clean Quality power supply – Keeps expensive appliances 100% safe LCD Display (Message and Faults) to monitor Inverter Performance Auto self-test on LCD Noise-free performance Ensures the longer battery life Smarter Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection.

Weight: 60kg




Question 1. Is Installation provided with the system?

Ans: Yes Installation of complete setup is a provided for this product.

Question 2. What is the warranty on the product?

Ans: 2 Years on panels, 1 Year on the inverter, 1 Year on batteries, 2 Years on mounting structure & 2 Years on accessories.

Question 3. Are Post-installation services that are provided?

Ans: AMC can be availed, & paid service, repair & replacement could be facilitated.

Question 4. What optimum load should I run with this setup for 5Hrs backup?

Ans: 450W Constant running load for 10Hrs-12Hrs a day could be used for 5 Hrs backup Via Solar Power.

Question 5. Why a charge controller not in the combo?

Ans: The combo comes with a charge controller of 60A.

Question 6. Can I Use a MPPT charge controller?

Ans: Yes, you use the MPPT charge controller.

Question 7. How much electricity savings could it facilitate with this system monthly?

Ans: On average it saves 120 Kwh monthly, cutting common appliance’s load consumption.

Question 8. Can I run heavy inductive or capacitive load like AC with it?

Ans:  It is recommended not to run such heavy load with small systems, all basic appliances like LED, Tube lights & fans are most suited.

Question 9. How much time would it take after booking for a complete installation?

Ans: It primarily depends upon the location of installation & complexity of the design, rest it should take a maximum of 3 days tentatively.

Question 10. Can I purchase only the components & get it installed locally.

Ans: Of course you can, on that case Installation cost will be removed from the price.

Question 11. Any additional charge that I will have to pay?

Ans: There is no additional charge as such you just need to pay the freight as actual.

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