Installation of Solar Products in Nigeria

Do you wish to start using solar products in your home and office? It is one thing to buy your solar products from us, but then how do you install them? There are many solar products in the market now like solar inverters, solar panels etc. All these products require the help of a skilled artisan well experienced in the solar installation field to do it for you. At DC Power Technologies, we can source for skilled technicians to install the solar products you buy from us into your home or office.

How to install solar panels and inverters?

In order to install your solar panels and solar inverters, you need a skilled personnel who is well experienced in the field to install it for you. You will have to pay workmanship fees as well as installation fees.

What is domestic solar installation?

This is the incorporation of solar energy products or solutions into the domestic sphere like in the home. At DC Power Technologies, we can source for you experienced and trustable technicians to do the complete installation of your solar products for you wherever you are situated in Nigeria.

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