Where to buy UPS in Nigeria?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply and it is a powerful solution alternative for people. This Uninterrupted Power Supply helps to keep the power for a particular period of time when there is a power outage. In Nigeria, where there is a regular power outage, an Uninterrupted Power Supply is very necessary.

Where can you buy Uninterrupted Power Supply in Nigeria?

You can buy Uninterrupted Power Supply from Power Solution Mall. We have a number of Uninterrupted Power Supply varieties from different brands. For example, we have APC UPS, Legrand UPS, Eaton UPS, Bluegate UPS, Mercury UPS, and more. You can order these brands of Uninterrupted Power Supply from us at Power Solution Mall.


An Uninterrupted Power Supply is equipment that provides power in cases of emergency especially when the power from the main source fails. Uninterrupted Power Supply also works to protect equipment from power surges and to provide electricity to equipment till when the main power comes back.


How to know the right Uninterrupted Power Supply for your office or home?


First, make a list of all the appliances hosted by the Uninterrupted Power Supply. Think properly and make a written note or list of all the appliances to be connected. Now, calculate the total Volts and Amps that all the appliances use. After noting down the VAs of each appliance, then multiply the total VA by the number of appliances. So, if you summed up 1000 VA for all appliances and there are 10 appliances to be hosted, multiply 10*1000 to get the total VA. The total VA is what you will look at when buying an Uninterrupted Power Supply.

How much is UPS in Nigeria?

The cost of UPS varies greatly depending on the capacity. The costs can also vary depending on the brand you’re buying. You can find an Uninterrupted Power Supply as low as ₦14,000 and as high as ₦160,000 depending on your need of it and your financial budget.



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