Where to buy Solar Flood Light in Nigeria?

You can get solar flood light from Power Solution Mall. Solar flood lights range highly in prices depending on the Watts capacity. Some can be as cheap as ₦3,000 and as high as ₦50,000. We sell all kinds of Solar flood lights. Contact us to place your order today!

What is the difference between a Solar flood ight and a street light?

A Solar flood light is used to light up a very large area of land. Like a large field, a stadium, in some cases a concert stage, and so on. Solar Flood lights are very different from street lights in that, Solar flood lights as broad-beamed while most street lights are narrow beamed. Street lights are only used to highlight a particular area or segment of the road. While broad lights are used to light up very large spaces. Solar Flood lights can offer up to 120° illumination at once.

What is the general Solar Flood lights price in Nigeria?

Usually, The Solar Flood lights themselves vary from each other depending on the Watts capacity of the light bulb. Prices usually range from ₦7000 to ₦100,000.

The Solar Flood lights bulbs are usually sold separately from the poles. But some brands sell both together. The average price of the Solar Flood lights pole sold together with the pole attached in Nigeria is ₦30,000.

You don’t need to deal directly with the brands that produce these Solar Flood lights as they prefer to deal with retailers. At Power Solution Mall, we are your trusted plug for street light supply in Nigeria. We will also educate you on the various advantages and disadvantages that come with the various specifications of the street lights.

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