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  • JORDY ELE 20KVA Servo 3 Phase Central Industrial Stabilizer

    Low, High, Fluctuating NEPA Voltage? Now you can get your mind to rest rest with this heavy duty low cost high grade and high power Servo motorized Industrial stabilizer.

    One Central Stabilizer for your entire Flat, Home, Office, etc.

    Input Voltage (80-260V)

    Stabilize and Protect all electrical appliances in your premises: Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, Pumping Machine, Photocopier, Printer, Desktops, Notebooks, etc.

    PT-20kva Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Series is based on digital technology; provides voltage stabilization and protection to appliances and equipment; designed as a central stabilizer to handle all house and industrial loads.
    o need to worry for brown outs, burn outs and ertic power anymore.

    • Input voltage: 80V-260V AC
    • Power: 20KVA
    • Technology: Servo Control + Toroidal Transformer System
    • Efficiency: > 97%
    • Display: LED Digital Display
    • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Delay Time: Short Delay (3-5 sec)
    • Over-voltage protection: AC246 ± 4V
    • High Temperature
    • Short Circuit
    • Output voltage: 220V ± 10%
    • Phase: three
  • 50KVA Three-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer



    The product of this model is a three phase compensation high-precision regulator, cabinet type with LED digital display design, compensated structure voltage is mainly composed of voltage regulation transformer and compensation transformer and characterized by sufficient power, can achieve relatively large power and maintain high-precision output.



    It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, printing, machine tools, post and telecommunications, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, hotels, defense, scientific research and other departments of electronic computers, precision machine tools, precision instruments, experimental devices, Elevators and production lines all places where voltage stability is required.


    50KVA Three-Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer


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