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  • male and female MC4 connector


    male and female MC4 connector With TUV Approved, Protection Class IP68 For Solar Plant Installation

    Loom Solar Introduces 2 In 1 MC4 Connector for connecting solar panels.

    • rated Voltage: 1500 volt, 30 amps
    • suitable cable : 2.5 ~ 6.0 square mm
    • TUV certified, IP 67. UV Protected

    A range of 10x38mm fuse links specifically designed for protecting photovoltaic strings. These fuse links are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted photovoltaic string arrays
    (reverse current, multi-array fault)

    Structural Characteristics
    □ According to IEC60269-1
    □ Rated current: 1-32A
    □ Rated voltage: DC 1000V
    □ Rated breaking capacity:DC 33kA
    □ Operating class gPV for Solar protection

    Pole 1P
    Rated Voltage Ue (V DC) 1000
    Rated Current In (A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12,15, 20, 25, 32
    Biggest Block Ability(KA) 33
    The Most High Power Consumption(W) 3.5


    FPV-63 DC MCB supplementary protectors are designed to provide overcurrent protection within appliances or electrical equipment, where a branch circuit protection is already provided or not required. Devices are designed for direct current (DC) control circuit applications.


    FPV-63 Series Circuit Breaker FPV-63
    Frame Degree Rated Current (A) 63
    Pole 2P
    Rated Operating Voltage (V DC) DC12V -DC1200V Rated Current In (A) 1-63A
    Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (V DC) 1200VDC Rated Impact Voltage Uimp (kV) 4
    Ultimate Breaking Capacity Icu (kA) 6
    Run Breaking Capacity LCS (%lcu) 75% Curve Type C
    Trip Type Thermal-magnetic

  • Battery Rack For (15 Batteries)

    Key Features: 

    Brand: Genus

    EXTRA DURABLE: Made from tough, long-lasting material, which does not get destroyed by spillage from batteries

    · EXTRA CONVENIENT: Inbuilt ribs for smooth in and out movement of the batteries without getting stuck.

    · EXTRA EASE OF MOVEMENT: Sturdy yet smooth wheels enabling extra ease of movement while carrying the bulky battery.

    · SPACE-SAVING: Stacks up with Inverter/UPS neatly in a corner, thus taking less space. Aesthetically designed to match your contemporary interiors.

  • 24 Pairs Mc4 Solar Connectors -male/Female IP67 Connectors

    This connector is approved by ce, tuv, is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic solar systems with high mechanical requirements and extreme weather conditions. For permanent installations.

    Why would you choose the power mc4 solar panel cable connectors?

    Power cable connectors are made from high-quality PPO materials to ensure long-term durability (compare to the cheap sheet metal pin), PPO materials have advantages that sturdy, impact, corrosion-resistant with a high ignition point ensure service life and safety performance.

    With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, it can be used in harsh environments.

  • 10 Pairs MC4 Connector With Better Waterproof Effect

    Solar mc4 connector is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic solar systems with high mechanical requirements and extreme weather conditions. For permanent installations. Specifications: rated voltage: tuv 1000v dc / ul 600v dc rating current 20a~25a suitable cable cross sections 2.5mm2~6.0mm2 / 14awg~10awg pin dimension: 4.0mm proof voltage: dc 8kv(1min) pollution: degree 2 protection class: class ii contact material: copper, tin-plated contact resistance: 5mw connector material: ppo degree of protection ip: ip67(iec 60529) withdrawal force< 50n insertion force>50n temperature range: -40°c~+85°c flame class: ul94-v0 package: 10 pairs of mc4 male/female solar panel cable connectors 10 pairs of solar connector pins (male &female)

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